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Snow and Sanding Services

We have been doing Snow Removal, Snow Loading & Hauling, and Sanding & Ice Control for many years.

We specialize in larger commercial lots, using multiple pieces of equipment, but do some smaller ones as well.

During the winter months in addition to some excavating we also perform the following Services:


Snow Removal

We are one of Grande Prairie's larger private snow removal contractors, and have been plowing parking lots of all sizes for many years. We specialize in commercial and industrial lots of all sizes.

There are three types of customers we have. The first is automatic customers, ie: when it snows a specific amount, we automatically plow the lot. This amount of snowfall typically ranges from 1 inch to 4 inch.

The second type of customer we have is what's referred to as on call, that is all of their details are on file (such as where to push the show) and they just call us when they would like us to do their lot.

The third type of customer we have is someone who has never called us before, or calls us very infrequently (say once every two years or so). Typically these are either businesses in or around the city, or farmers who have just received too much snowfall, or acreage owners around the city who may only require one snow plow in a winter.

Most of our customers are in the automatic category, followed by the on call category.

The order that we do snow removal is: First the automatics, followed by the on call, followed by any other customers.

We also have many specialized snow removal attachments such as: angle blades, snow buckets, snow push blades, snow wings, ice blades, etc. On every lot, we use whatever attachment is required in order to be as efficient as possible.

In addition to snow removal from lots, we also do snow removal from roads, usually oilfield roads, using our graders with ice blades.


Snow Loading and Hauling

We can also load and haul away snow from commercial or industrial lots within the city. In order to reduce our clients snow hauling costs, we have our own private snow dump located within city limits. Few other contractors have their own snow dumps within the city.



Sanding & Ice Control

We have both larger and smaller sanding units for sanding parking lots. The larger units can spread a greater distance and are typically used for very large oilfield type industrial lots. The smaller sanders are used for the bulk of our commercial work within the city.

Although we refer to Ice Control as "Sanding", we actually use our own special blend of ice control rock. Most of our competitors just use plain old sand, but we have been told by our customers that our material does a better job, and also tracks less into buildings, so our customers cleaning costs are less.










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