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We have over 200 Attachments !

We have a very wide variety of attachments, over 200 of them. They range from Augers, Brooms, Hammers, Vibrators, & Plate Tampers, to Millers, Wheel Cutters, Forks, Buckets, Chuck Blades, Pulverizers, etc.

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Water & Sewer Installation

We have been doing water & sewer installation and repair for many years. Our Crews are very experienced with both large commercial and industrial jobs as well as smaller residential work.

We are also on the City of Grande Prairie's list of qualified contractors for water & sewer work.

Water & Sewer Repair

For smaller repair work, we have many qualified operators that are good at working in confined areas.

We offer the experience, the knowledge, and the range in equipment to get your projects done on time and on budget

We make our asphalt locally using our large asphalt plant on the south side of the city.

We also have two sizes of pavers available for both large and small paving jobs.

An example of some of our largest equipment are our Cat 824 Rubber Tired Dozers (Bulls). Pretty much nothing stops a Bull (big trees are not a problem) but the Bulls are not legal for use in the City of Grande Prairie as they are too large). The Bulls are very useful for Snow Clearing of big Industrial yards, as they do a much better job, and are much smoother and faster than even the largest of tracked dozers.

Our smallest piece of equipment is our Mini Skid. Its only 3.5 feet wide, and 6.5 feet long. Useful for clearing the city bridges over bear creek of snow, as well as auguring or grading in very confined spaces.