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Water and Sewer Line Services

We have been performing Water Line and Sewer Line Services for over 30 years, and have many talented people who are very familiar with piping, materials, and procedures to properly install and repair residential, commercial, and industrial water and sewer systems.

We also work extensively with Aquatera, The City of Grande Prairie, the Town of Sexsmith, the Hamlet of Clairmont, and the Town of Wembley, and are thoroughly familiar with their permitting and reporting requirements for both the installation and repair of water and sewer systems.

We perform the following Water and Sewer Line Services:


Waterline Installation

Our early history was with waterline installations, and waterline tie-ins from small individual homes, to larger subdivisions. Some of our most complex and interesting work on water systems was near Safeway at the south of the city.


Waterline Repair

We have been repairing waterlines for years. Some of our employees can even tell who installed waterlines that need repair by the quality of the installation work of the line.

We are often called by individuals who just tell us that they are not getting water in their house, or Municipalities informing us that they have a broken watermain that needs repair, we can fix both.



Sewerline (Sanitary Line) Installation

We are very familiar with Aquatera's specifications for installation of Sanitary Lines. And have installed many lines of all different diameters.



Sewerline (Sanitary Line) Repair

We have replaced no-corrode, cast iron, and clay tile for residential, commercial and industrial buildings over the years.

We have also diagnosed, and repaired water line leaks and other problems.






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