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Career & Job Opportunities

Whether you're looking for a long term career, or just a great paying summer job (we usually work lots of overtime in the summer), we offer both.

We are always interested in hearing from potential employees.


If you have experience or are interested in the following work, please give us a call:


  • Paver Operator
  • Paving Foreman / Superintendent
  • Breakdown Roller Operator
  • Finish Roller Operator
  • Screed Operator
  • Asphalt Raker

  • Grader Operator
  • Equipment Operator
  • Truck Driver
  • Packer Operator

  • Flag Person
  • Grade Person
  • Labourer

You can also fax us your Resume, or use our Employment Information Form.


We offer a Dynamic and Flexible Work Environment

We place a premium on versatility. While many of our personnel are particularly good at specific jobs, most are very flexible in terms of their work abilities. For example: While our Equipment Operators are very good at operating equipment, they are also quite capable of (and are licenced to) drive truck, and vice versa. So even though most of our personnel are specialists on one (or two) things, they also enjoy the variety of doing other work.

If you prefer doing similar type of work on a daily basis ( ie: jobs that don't vary much, such as packer operator) we have those type of jobs as well.

Or, if you are semi-retired, and are an Experienced Equipment Operator or Truck Driver, we have some Truck Drivers that prefer working only part time, and even intermittently.

For anyone who has grown up on a farm (Farm Girl or Farm Boy), they seem to be well suited for our work environment.

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Do you like a challenge ?

We often work in a challenging environment. If you like a challenge, you'll enjoy working with us.

In addition, we are pleased to welcome back year after year, many of our Seasonal Employees.