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Oilfield, Demolition, Tank Removal & Site Reclamation Services

We perform various services for oilfield companies, such as Lease Padding, Lease Grading, Road Grading, Snow Plowing, Sanding & Ice Control, Underground Tank Removal, and Site Reclamation.

Over the years we have also done many building and structure demolitions, as well as concrete demolition and crushing, and are very familiar with the permitting required by the city and the various municipalities to perform the above work.

We can perform the following Oilfield, Demolition, Restoration & Reclamation Services:


Oilfield Work

We supply Trucks, Gravel, Road Sanding & Ice Control, Graders, Dozers, Bulls (Very Large Cat 824 Rubber Tired Dozers), and jack hammers for Oilfield work.

The Bulls are extremely effective for towing oilfield trucks up steep hills in the winter, as they are much faster than even the largest tracked dozer, and way heavier and more powerful than the largest farm tractor. These machines have been very successful in the logging industry towing heavy off-highway loads up very steep grades in icy conditions.

We alsol have specialized truck boxes that are capable of hauling contaminated material.

All of our equipment is supplied with experienced operators.




Demolition Work

Over the years, we have done many demolitions of residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.

We also have many specialized specialized attachments such as Jaws, Hammers, and Crushers that let us do the work safely and efficiently.



Concrete Demolition/Crushing

Every year, we do lots of concrete removal and demolition. We than haul the materials for proper disposal to various sites.

We do our own crushing of concrete, and have our own disposal site, specifically designated for crushed concrete.



Underground Tank Removal

In order to remove underground petroleum tanks legally, contractors must be certified. We are a certified Underground Petroleum Tank Removal Contractor with the Alberta Petroleum Storage Systems Contractors Association.

We are also certified for private septic systems installation and removal via the Alberta on Site Waste Water Manufactures Association.



Site Reclamation

Although we don't do it every day, we have completed many projects in the past concerning site reclamation and remediation of petroleum contaminated locations.







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