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Asphalt Tac Truck & Hydro-Vac Truck Rental, Pipe Camera Inspection, Equipment Rental, and Construction Surveying Services

We have a wide range of trucks and equipment available for rental as well as Other Services.

Trucks and Equipment Available for Rental, and Other Services:


Asphalt Tack Truck Rental

We have a modern, highly modified tack truck that is available for rent. The tack truck is capable of distributing oil on gravel roadways (to reduce dust), or tacking the roadway prior to paving. Both tacking and seal coating can be achieved.


Hydro-Vac Truck Rental

We have available a Fluid Excavator (Hydro-Vac or Sucker-Vac) available for rental. The rental includes an operator and a swamper. This is very useful for helping to locate underground lines such as Fibre Optic Lines, Gas Lines, Electrical Lines, etc.



Pipe Camera Inspection

Our Specialized Pipe Camera Van is available for rental. Rental included a Video Operator, an above ground Lighting Line Feed Man, and an In Hole Cable Feed Man. We also have various different Waterproof Cameras and Camera Cars with different lighting configurations that are capable of capturing on video various types and sizes of industrial water and sewer mains. Our camera van is capable of inspecting lines over a hundred a fifty meters.





Equipment Rental

We provide operated equipment rental for miscellaneous hourly work throughout the Peace Region. Please note: We do not rent dry equipment (equipment only, without operator) or attachments. We only rent out machines with experienced operators.


We rent out the following machines: Backhoes, Excavators, Graders, Loaders, Trucks, Dozers, and Skid Steers. All machines are rented with operators.


We have a very wide range of attachments as well including: jackhammers, large concrete demolition hammers, concrete crushing jaws, augers, plate tampers, and many speciality buckets.

For a List of Attachments, click here





Construction Surveying

We have a strong background in construction surveying, however, we only do surveying for our existing clients, that is, clients we have already done other work for. If you need the volume of a stockpile, or the area of a parking lot, we can obtain both using the very latest in GPS systems and software.

While we do basic construction surveying, we don't do detailed design work (such as a complicated roadway, parking lot, or subdivision design) but we do have a very good rapport with all the engineering companies in town, and are quite familiar with converting data between the various software packages.

We also have available several different software programs that we can use to perform a very wide range of calculations.






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