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Parking Lot Construction & Sweeping and Base Course Services

We have built many parking lots within the City of Grande Prairie, as well as the County of Grande Prairie, and The Municipal District of Greenview.

We also have various different sweepers that we can use (often in the spring) to sweep the lots of built up gravel from ice control used during the winter.

We perform the following Parking Lot Services:


Parking Lot Construction

A parking lot is the first and last part of a building complex to be viewed by a user. It needs to be attractive, well designed, and functional. When a parking lot is properly designed and built, people don't notice it. Traffic just seems to flow smoothly, no bottle necks and no traffic jams, and no rutting.

In the Grande Prairie area, we have seen many poorly designed, and poorly built parking lots over the years.

We have many years experience in parking lot construction, and because we crush our own materials with our own crusher, we can make sure any parking lot will be of good quality, and long lasting.


Parking Lot Grading

Often, throughout the summer we get calls from people who have gravel parking lots, and need their lots graded. We do the grading to many lots in the summer. Our graders are ideally sized to work well within typical parking lots within the city.



Parking Lot Street Sweeping

We have several different kinds and sizes of street and parking lot sweepers and brooms. We often do parking lot sweeping in the spring.


Sub Base Construction

There is a fair amount of work to Sub Base Construction for Parking Lots. In the end, what work is done, is often based on field evaluations based on experience and knowledge of local soil conditions.

We have been working in Grande Prairie and the surrounding area for many years, and have a good understanding of the soil conditions and how they vary throughout the city and surrounding area.



Base Course Construction

Base Course Construction is similar to Sub Base Construction. One of the exceptions may be that a coarser material may be used. There is a also a fair amount of work to Base Course Construction for Parking Lots. Like Sub Base Construction, what work is done, is often based on field evaluations based on experience and knowledge of local soil conditions.






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