Reco Construction - Providing quality professional work throughout the Grande Prairie area for over 40 years.

Road Building, Gravel Hauling, Lowbedding, & Heavy Equipment Hauling Services

We have been building roads, hauling gravel, lowbedding and hauling heavy equipment for over 30 years, and have various truck configurations and equipment for different types of work.

With our may different truck and lowbed configurations we do the following:


Road Building

From the bush to town, and from public to private, over the years we have built and restored a wide range of roadways.

We are very familiar with and understand the importance of density and moisture content in the construction of quality and long lasting roads. As well, many of our personnel have both a theoretical and practical understanding of roadway construction.

We often make recommendations to both individuals and companies on ways to save money, and still end up with a quality, long lasting roads.

One item that keeps coming up over the years is often unscrupulous contractors will continue to run packers over an area when the ambient (air) temperature is below zero, and claim that they are achieving compaction. It does not matter what any contractor says, It IS NOT POSSIBLE to compact soil when the ambient temperature is below zero without resorting to other more costly measures.




Road Grading

When it comes to precise grading, nothing beats a great Grader Operator. We have some of the best Grader Operators in Alberta.

Weather its a gravel road, or grading Base Course for eventual paving, its faster and the final job will be much better if an experienced Grader Operator has done the work.




We have a strong background in providing excavating services, and have worked for many of the same clients for decades. Our equipment ranges from small walk behind skid steers to large track excavators. We also have a very wide range of attachments.

For a List of Attachments, click here

We have completed a wide range of projects in terms of size, such as excavating for small basements, and building foundations, to large mass excavations for landfill cells.

Our range of clients includes Residential, Commercial, Industrial, and Oilfield, as well as various Municipal Governments.




Gravel, Sand & Material Hauling

We have been hauling Gravel, Sand, and other materials since the early 1960's, and have various truck and trailer configurations to suit many different needs. With our team of experienced drivers, we can get gravel, sand, or other materials to your site safely, and on time.

We can also haul construction debris away from a site using our innovative truck hook lift system. For existing clients, we can leave a large construction waste bin on site, then when the bin is full, pick it up with our Hook Lift Truck.



Lowbedding & Heavy Equipment Hauling

Over the years we have established a good reputation for hauling heavy equipment safely and reliably to its destination.

We have a wide range of trailers and boosters to haul a very wide range of equipment, from cats to loaders to forestry equipment, and everything in between.

We offer winch tractor services, deck trucks, picker trucks, and roll off deck trucks for all types of equipment moves.










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