Reco Construction - Providing quality professional work throughout the Grande Prairie area for over 40 years.

Locally owned and operated 

Reco Construction is locally owned and operated. We also buy all of our supplies locally (when possible) and support charities in the City of Grande Prairie and the surrounding area.


We are a construction company based in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada, that provide Civil Construction Services to clients in the City of Grande Prairie, and the surrounding Alberta Peace Country Region.

Services provided include Water & Sewer Work, Excavating, Road Work, Paving, Demolition Work, Snow Removal, Sales of Sand & Gravel, and Equipment Rental (with operators only).

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Our range of clients include Residential, Commercial, Industrial, and Oilfield, as well as various Municipal Governments.

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Our History

Reco Construction was formed in the early 1970's by our esteemed founder Mr. Weeko Wabbit, with one small backhoe, a hoppy attitude, and two partially eaten carrots in his pocket.


Our Founder, Mr. Weeko Wabbit

In the1980's the company expanded and was merged with another local company called Brochu's Trenching and was called "Reco Trenching Ltd. (A Division of Brochu's Trenching Ltd.)".

Timberline Haulers Ltd. was established by Mr. Jim Wald in the early 1960's, with one International single axle truck. Timberline grew, with the second family generation taking the reins in the mid 1990's. Timberline has hauled logs for all three mills in the Grande Prairie area as well as gravel and lumber for many varied clients throughout Alberta and British Columbia. Timberline also spent many years hauling gravel to various locations along the Alaska Highway from Fort St. John, through Whitehorse, and up to Dawson City, and by the mid 1990's, Timberline was hauling most of Reco's materials.

In the late 1990's Reco saw a need for a locally owned asphalt paving contractor and formed All Peace Asphalt.

In 2000, Reco and Timberline were merged and the operating name was changed to Reco Construction Ltd.

Reco Construction has grown into a full civil construction and sitework provider, with its own gravel pits, asphalt plant, crusher plant, large modern shop, Trucks (through Timberline), and construction & paving equipment.

We believe that we have some of the best Superintendents, Foremans, Operators, and Drivers that the industry has to offer (but we might be just a little biased).

Selected List of Completed Projects

Small Projects
While this list includes some of our mid to large size projects, we do lots of small project work as well. Some of our smallest projects just consist of home owners hiring us by the hour to do excavating work either on their farm, acreage, or in their yard within the city.

New Composite High School Parking Lot  
The new Composite High School Parking Lot, at the south west side of the Multiplex, consisted of dirtwork gravel work, and paving. As the final design grades for the parking lot were not completed in time for our construction work, some of the design for the grading was done in house using our own software and GPS system.

Township Road 704  
Township Road 704 is the road through the cross country ski hill area. Our work involved road grading, and paving. It was one of the more interesting roadways that we have paved in that it has a lot of changes in grade, both horizontally and vertically, and because of this, it is rather fun to drive (especially now that it is paved).

Range Road 72  
Range Road 72 is on top of and on the north side of Richmond Hill (west of the City, just past the airport). It consisted of base course construction and paving.

105 Street Storm Sewer Upgrade
We excavated 105 Street from the Dairy Queen downtown, west towards Saint Joes Church at the edge of Muskoseepi Park. Our work consisted of installing 300mm diameter pipe, 1050mm pipe, and rebuilding and paving 105 street.

Range Road 54 
Range Road 54 runs north south just east of Carriage Lane. Our work consisted of road widening, base course construction and paving.

Range Road 51 North  
Range Road 51 North, consisted of roadway widening, ditch regrading, and paving.

Aquatera Land Fill Cell 
The Aquatera Land Fill Cell consisted of excavating a new cell, and placement of a liner. We are the most experienced contractor in terms of building Land Fill Cells in the Grande Prairie area.

Highway 40 and Correction Line Intersection 
The Highway 40 and Correction Line Intersection consisted of roadway widening, ditch regrading, and the addition of a turning lane.

84th Avenue Repaving
We milled out the old asphalt, and repaved 84th avenue from Resources Road to 100th Street.

Prairie Mall Regrading & Repaving
The Prairie Mall had a problem. Over the years, more and more asphalt was added to the east side of the mall. In fact, so much asphalt had been added, that rainfall on the east side of the mall was draining right into the mall doors. We redesigned the grades for the east side of the mall, milled out and excavated various sections of the parking lot so water would no longer drain directly into the mall.

Weyerhaeuser Land Fill Cell
We excavated, and installed a liner for Weyerhaeuser on one of their landfill cells.

QEII Hospital MRI Excavation
When the QEII Hospital added a new MRI, the foundation of the hospital needed reinforcing. In order to do this, the area beneath the existing structure needed to be excavated first. Furthermore, in order to do this we used a special caterpillar dozer with very low profile, and then removed the Cab of the dozer to get the profile even lower to enable the dozer to get under the grade beams. The hospital were very pleased that for such an unusual project we finished the work on time and on budget.

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